RingIndia.in – VoIP Scam!

0 Comments 14 January 2015

RingIndia.in is a new service that things they launched. This is a big scam and should not be used. If you check there site you will see how unprofessional they are. There title and explanations all have many misspellings. There prices are REALLY cheap but it is just a scam to take away your money.

There many issues with there site that just stray customers away and one can know it is a scam before even signing up. First, there payment options are not available, many misspellings, website is not secure, website has not contact info, website links do not work!

Why try a service that will not work at all? There is no reason to take risks when cheap call providers are available like uVOIPit. Please stay away from RingIndia.in!

Originally posted 2010-05-15 10:24:52.

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