Residential VoIP

If you are thinking about getting a residential VoIP provider, but find yourself confused about the process of installing VoIP, consider this: if you already have Internet in your home, then half a residential VoIP system is already in place.

Residential VoIP was designed specifically with you in mind. The cost is much lower but the phone service you’ll receive is the same, if not better, than what you get with a traditional landline. Use the chart below to start your search for the best residential VoIP provider for you.

Why should you consider residential VoIP?

Thinking of finding a cheap residential VoIP provider for your home? Here are the benefits of residential VoIP:

  • Residential VoIP is cheap
  • No contract or new equipment are required
  • Works with your current phone number
  • It includes useful features
  • Service is reliable and highly rated

Low Rates with Residential VoIP

Besides fees for international calls and some taxes, VoIP phone bills don’t have unexpected surprises. You should never have to pay more than the monthly rate you agree to when you sign up.

Generally speaking, residential VoIP includes unlimited calling in United States and Canada. International calling comes at little to no extra charge.

When using, you get an hour of international calling time for free. After that, a phone call to France with costs as little as $0.009/min. Service in the United States and Canada costs you just $8.33 a month.

With Verizon, that same call to France is $3.43/min with standard roaming charges. Furthermore, you’ll also have to pay $20.50 a month for flat rate local service, a $9.99 minimum charge for long distance in the US (with minutes charged at 5 cents a minute each).

VoIP providers usually don’t require a contract; however, you do have the option to choose a contract if you want to. Using ITP, a residential VoIP provider, you could either pay $19.99/month for month-to-month service or $199.00 for a year of service. Verizon doesn’t offer alternative prices without a contract — you just pay what Verizon tells you you can pay. A 1-year contract is standard.

No Installation Fee

There is no need for expensive extra equipment when installing a residential VoIP provider.  All that you need to do is have an Internet connection ready that can be plugged into your phone.

If you still have an analog phone, most VoIP providers will give you an adapter for free (which you can plug the Internet into to supply your phone with VoIP service). If you want to purchase one, they can be obtained on amazon for as little as $50 (just make sure that the adapter is compatible with your VoIP provider’s network before purchase).

With a big telephone service provider, you may or may not have to pay a service fee to get new phone service installed. You will, however, have to set aside a 4-hour window in order to wait for the phone service tech to come and install your new phone.

Keep your existing phone number

You can usually keep your existing phone number with a residential VoIP provider (usually, there is a one-time porting fee that pays to transfer the number from one phone company to another, between $10 and $20 a number). In addition, some VoIP providers, like Phone Power, offer you a second phone number for free.

Useful Features

Standard residential VoIP providers also offer free call routing features like call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and 3-way calling. Features like these can be very useful, especially if you ever need to do some work from home (or just make sure you can get calls). And unlike many standard telephone providers, residential VoIP providers offer these features to you free.

Some providers also include exciting extra features in addition to calling features. These may include VoIP apps for your mobile phone that allow you to connect with your residential VoIP system over the phone, and Find Me/Follow Me capabilities that enable your home VoIP system to call several different phone numbers sequentially if you can’t answer your home phone.

These capabilities remove a lot of the stress of worrying about missing important calls. Another benefit of these value-added features is that with VoIP, these services are free (well, they’re included in your subscription price).

With a provider like AT&T, you would need to pay an additional $8.99/month just to use voicemail. Voicemail to email is $9.99 a month. Call forwarding (one half of Find Me/Follow Me) is $7.50 a month. With a VoIP service provider like VoIPo or ITP, these features are all free.

Don’t let an old phone system slow you down. There’s no reason that you should be paying too much for a residential phone system. A residential VoIP system can help you realize the difference that a reliable, cost effective home phone system makes.

The breakdown between residential VoIP and standard phone service:

Category Standard phone service VoIP phone service
Cost Verizon: $59.99/month. VoIPo: $5.83/month.
Contract Often required. Even with discounts for signing a contract, still much more expensive. A year with costs $149.95; a month-to-month contract is $19.95.
Keep current phone number Yes Yes
Extra features (voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding) AT&T voicemail: $8.99/month
Call forwarding: $7.50/month
Call waiting: $8.50/month
All extra features free.
Reviews Good reviews for call quality except in areas where reception is an issue. Less likely to drop calls. High reviews for service and affordability. More likely to drop calls.
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