Reliance iCall 1 Cent To India Calls

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Reliance iCall

Reliance is a top calling card provide for mostly India calling. Many people have used or use Reliance to call india because it is cheap and reliable. All Indians in any country want the cheapest way to call India. Who wants to pay more when its not needed right.

Reliance initial local access number rates are very high at 2 cents/min, so in that matter it is good to use uVOIPit at 1.5 cents/minute. If you want to make PC to Phone calls then it is cheap at 1 cent/minute. Reliance iCall has no hidden fees, charges, or contracts. You only pay for the time you speak.

These new 1 cent plan is available to be used to call over 20 countries including USA and India. it is a wonderful deal for people who want to make calls to India at a cheap price.

Try Reliance today.

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