Rediff Free STD Calls in India

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Free Calls Within India with Rediff Ad service

Ad Based VOIP services are popular amongst many people who want free voip phone calls. The most popular of these was 1-800-free-411 which allowed free calls worldwide. Rediff is an India ad service that places ads in phone calls. This hack will allows users to used the Rediff ad service to make a free voip phone call.

The general idea is you call one of Rediff’s advertisement phone numbers. Rediff will call you first then you will be connected to the AD service. So you will post an ad as and advertisers, and your friend will call that and you will be connected. Even though none of you might be advertisers this is a small hack to get free voip phone calls.

This might be a little confusing so follow these steps for the best outcome:

  1. Go to Rediff
  2. Click on Post ad (free) button.
  3. Fill out the form and enter your Mobile number. Here, you should advertise something which is easier to search.
  4. Post your add and wait 40 to 45 minutes for ad to be in database.
  5. Search for the ad, and provide your friends phone number in the box.
  6. Now it will be connected!

It is that simple but the calls only last for 1 min 30 seconds. So if you have a quick call then this would be great for you. There is also a weekly limit of ads call per week, but that can be fixed easily by making more ads. So try this service at Rediff for Free STD calls in India only.

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