Rebtel VOIP Service Review

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Rebtel Review

Overall Rating
Sound Quality
4.5 (90.0%)
4.5 (90.0%)
Ease of Use
5.0 (100.0%)
4.5 (90.0%)
Customer Service
4.0 (80.0%)
4.5 (90.0%)

Rebtel is a leading VOIP Service provider. Since 2006, they have brought free and cheap calls and beaten all VOIP phone providers. There features such as SmartCall are great for users living the 50 countries that it supports. SmartCall can be initiated by calling a number in your contacts, then when the contact picks up tell them to call the number that appeared on the CallerID. Now you will both have local calls and no international charges will be deducted. This feature is exclusive to Rebtel. But there other rates are great to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. Rebtel is a VOIP provider that everyone should try.

Rebtel is a powerhouse VOIP provider. They are at the top of the market. There prices are great, plus they have a feature that cannot be seen anywhere else. This post will provide users on how to get the 10 minutes of free calls when they sign up, plus using their “smart call” feature to make unlimited calls. There voice quality is the best, it is excellent and perfectly clear. There are no blank sounds or disturbance sounds in the background. Rebtel provides callers with a local number pertaining to where they live for each of their international contacts. Companies who give this service stand out other than others because the ease of just calling one number.

Key Features

  • Personal contact number per international contact
  • Excellent call quality
  • Smart Call
  • Web SMS

After using Rebtel, they satisfy every need for calling abroad. If callers use these tricks below they can maximize their savings. First, how to ge the 10 Minutes free calls:

To get the 10 minutes,  the caller needs to just sign up. This will give you enough time to evaluate their service and get a free call. Callers do not need to purchase anything from Rebtel to get this. All they have to do is sign up. Rebtel provides users with a Smart Call feature. To perform a smart call.

  1. Set a Rebtel Number for your contact.
  2. Call your contact at the number.
  3. Tell your friend to hang up and call their Rebtel Contact number for you.
  4. Do not hang up your phone, stay on the line. Only your friend should hang up.
  5. Few seconds after your friend dials there Rebtel Number for you, you will get connected.
  6. Now both users pay for a local phone call, and can talk for UNLIMITED free minutes.
  7. Do this every time for free calls to many countries

This call trick very easy, but it can only be done from some countries. The country list is big but some major ones include:

Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, United states, and Pakistan.

There are many more countries but India, and Bangladesh are not in the list. For callers who want to call these countries they have cheap Pay As You Go Minutes.

Bangladesh – 3.15 Cents/min
India – 2.2 cents/min

The rates are good but these are special rates. A coupon code will be provided below so users can get these rates. The normal rates are 6.9 cents, 4.9 cents, and 13.9 cents respectively. So do not forget to use coupon code when signing up for cheap prices for lifetime. For the countries that are not in the Smart Call feature, they have to pay the Pay as You go minutes but if they top up there account with $10 then they will be given another free $10. So you get $20 for the price of only $10. This is a great offer by Rebtel.

Rebtel has many promotions running at different times. They are one of the best VOIP providers in the world because of there superior services. Join them today!

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