Rebtel’s New Cheapest VOIP Rates to UAE and Saudi Arabia

2 Comments 14 January 2015

Rebtel Lowers VOIP rates

After Rebtel implement the Skype feature, they have lowered there VOIP rates. Rebtel is starting to become the worlds cheapest voip provider. There rates are coming close to being compared with Localphone. There new rates are for UAE and Saudi Arabia. Because of there new add on with Skype as there SIP VOIP client, now anyone in the world can use Rebtel service.

There new rates to Saudi Arabia are priced at 7.9 cents/minute which used to be at 15.9 cents/minute. There new rate to UAE is 14.4 cents/minute to 19.9 cents/minute. These countries are some of the most expensive VOIP countries in the world. It is good to see that the rates are coming down.

Lets hope to see Rebtel beat Localphone’s cheap rates to Bangladesh and India. No one has been able to provide a service comparable to Localphone. Lets see what Rebtel id doing with there near cheapest voip calls.

Originally posted 2009-12-11 19:31:45.

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