Rebtel lowers rates – Egypt, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia

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Rebtel Lowers Rates!

Rebtel is one of the most used VoIP services in the world. When using Rebtel you can only experience great and perfect service. There rates are very high compared to other good providers, like uVOIPit but if you want cheap calls to Egypt, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Zambia then Rebtel should appeal to you.

Rebtel has been around for more than 5 years now. They have provide such a nice service that they are now in the top 2 international call providers rivaling Localphone. It is great to see good quality and cheap calls with Rebtel.

Rebtel lowered rates to the Uganda starting from USD 0.115/min to fixed lines and to mobiles starting from USD 0.129/min. You can make cheap calls to Egypt at 0.119/min. These are wonderful rates and should try them for your next VoIP provider!

Originally posted 2010-04-17 13:47:18.

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