Raza Cheap VOIP Calls to India Eid Offer

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Raza.com Cheap VOIP Calls to India for Eid

Raza.com is a top VOIP provider for calling India and Pakistan. Most of the time there offers are very bad because they only give free minutes if you buy a bulk amount which is not a good idea. But now they are giving a great offer to people who want to call India. There Eid Special is valid from November 19 to November 30, 2009. This is the best offer Raza has given in a long time.

The Eid offer is if you top up your account with $10 (which is the minimum) then you will get 255 minutes plus another 255 minutes for free, which totals at 510 minutes of talk time for only $10. This is a wonderful offer an it is called “Buy 1 Min Get 1 Free”. They have more deals for the higher top ups like $50 but that is not recommended to use.

Is Raza a Good VOIP Service?

Right now, Raza is giving the best deal to India in the market. It is recommended to try them. Raza has always been the best for NRI’s living outside of India to call home. But there rates were always very high for all countries they support. So other than the rates there service is superior and there voice quality is excellent.

The coupon code on Raza.com to use for your deal is EIDOFFER, this will give you the free minutes. They are also running an offer for cheap voip calls to Pakistan but that offer is horrible and it is recommend to use Localphone to call Pakistan.

Overall, if you want to cheap voip calls to India during this Eid celebration then try Raza.com and if you are not satisfied then try Rebtel or Lingo as they give a great service as well.

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