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Powervoip is offering cheapest call to many destinations mainly Nepal, Pakistan and also India and many other destinations. Powervoip is a new service from Dellmont Sarl and Betamax, it is the same company which owns jumblo, rynga, voipgain and voipblast. The only difference is that the rates are in USD instead of EUR. We do not recommend this service as a main provider, if your looking for a trustworthy service then we recommend uVOIPit.

Powervoip offers all the regular features.

* SIP Calling
* Phone-to-phone
* Local access number
* Cheap SMS
* Reselling
* Cheap Rates
* Rates in USD

Some bad points:

* $0.039 connection (less than 0.039 EUR)
* Poor customer support (Don’t expect reply of every email)
* No free calls

Even paying connection fee, the rates could be much cheaper than you existing provider. If you have been using Betamax to make international calls, then you have seen that they are not reliable. You will not get any kind of support from them. Even after paying, you can never request a refund. That is how Betamax is. We recommend better services like Localphone or uVOIPit for the best calls worldwide.

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