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Twilio provides a web-service API for business to build scalable, reliable communication apps. One can build applications that support SMS, voice, conference, or all combined. Using Twilio cloud system, one can make an application that is scalable without the worries of infrastructure.

Many sites are using Twilio for IVR, conference and SMS systems. Their pricing structure is great. By only paying $1.00 per month, one is entitled to their own personal phone number on the US or Canada. This being said, their is also the addition of the per minute cost for each phone number. To make outbound or inbound calls on your phone number in the United States it will cost $0.01 per minute.

Developers of wide expertise can create applications via their API. The API supports PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. It is a powerful API for any developer to use Twilio as their backend system.

The greatest part of Twilio is that they scale their system to support you. Therefore, you will never have to worry about capacity. The type of applications that can be created via Twilio are massive but some ideas are:

  • SMS system
  • Conference Calling
  • Voice or SMS reminder (small-business firms)
  • Buy a phone number

The possibilities with Twilio are huge. CheapestVoIPCalls.net will run tutorials on how to code with Twilio via PHP for the next few articles. We will explain how to set it up and how to do simple things like dial out or receive a call. This will allow new developers to get a sense of the power of Twilio.

Stay tuned!

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