Plivo partners with Freeswitch for VoIP Applications

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In a previous post, we introduced Twilio, a cloud communication platform for developers. Plivo is exactly that but with more freedom to the developers. Plivo main goal is to give the same structure as Twilio but allow the developer to choose their own number provider, SMS provider and outbound call provider. Plivo gives freedom to developers.

FreeSwitch is one of the strongest, most versatile and open ended telecom switch platforms on the web. We are not saying it is the best but we can say confidently that for its value it is the best. Guess what, its value is absolutely nothing. It is is free and open source.

If you are currently a big fan of Twilio and have applications built on their, then a transition to Plivo is simple. Because Plivo uses the same API structure as Twilio only a few simple changes are required. If you are not satisfied with Twilio per minute costs or their internation outbound rates ( which are extremely high ) then plivo is the choice for you.

Plivo works much similar to Twilio. One will need a server that is capable of handling FreeSwitch. The installation process includes installing FreeSwitch then Plivo. The developer will setup Freeswitch with gateway providers and Plivo will use those as connections to the outside world. Plivo makes things much simpler for developers who want more freedom.

In the next few weeks, we will provide tutorials on the porting of Twilio to Plivo. This should help majority of people out there to get started.

Stay tuned!

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