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2 Comments 14 January 2015

Pingo Gives 7.5 Hours Free

Pingo is a service that initially had high rates for there countries. Now in 2010, they have started the year with a big offer. You can get almost 8 hours of free call time to any country in the world for cheap. They are a big company taken in billions of minute per year so lowering rate is possible for them because there call volume is so high. They have a $1 offer that will get you a $5 calling card for that price because there is a coupon called ONEBUCK that will give you the card for that price, wonderful deal!

The only issue is that it is only valid for the new customers. But that is not a big issue if you have another phone or a Google Voice number. You can get this deal with another phone. The great part is that it is usable by anyone all over the world. Meaning if you are from UK, China, Japan, wherever you can use this calling card. What can get better that that.

These kind of offers are very rare and a family can get many of these just by signing each person up for a account. A great way to get the free minutes for the month. Pingo has allowed for the best deal of 2010 to start. Lets wait and watch what others can bring to the table. But for now use Pingo’s free voip call coupons.

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