PennyTel Free Calls to America, UK, India

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PennyTel Gives 10 Million minutes

PennyTel is giving a great free VOIP phone calls during the Christmas holidays. They are offering 10 million minutes to new and old customers alike. During these holidays, it is a great time to get a lot of free calls to America, India, Australia, UK and more. PennyTel is a VOIP service that can be used either from a mobile or landline phone, SIP softphone or WIFI enabled phone. This entails that PennyTel can be used with any kind of communication device.

Now let us talk about there Holiday offer. They are giving 10 million minutes which acts like a pool of minutes. It is unlimited calls for everyone and once the minutes run out the offer is over or until January 2, 2010 is reached. So you can use these minutes as much as you want to the countries listed on there website. If one of the deadlines is achieved then the offer is over. Most likely the January 2nd deadline will be achieved first because its almost impossible to finish 10 million minutes. That is good news for call users because that means unlimited calls for almost 1 week now.

PennyTel is a wonderful VOIP service that can help you save a lot of money during these Holidays. Why not try this free offer but keep in mind that the traffic will be very high. Everyone wants to make the cheapest VOIP calls just like you. If you want more reliable and better service than you can try services like Lingo VOIP or Localphone. So don’t use this for the last minute important phone calls. Nonetheless, PennyTel has done a wonderful job offering free calls to America, UK, India, and Australia.

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