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FreeVoIPDeal is the newest provider from Dellmont Sarl and Betamax. Every month this company introduces a new provider. This month its FreeVOIPDeal. There special offer this time is for 10 EURO/month you get 240 minutes calls to Egypt, Pakistan mobile, Sri Lanka, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro. Nothing special!

Basically it is a subscription based service, you subscribe to use 240 minutes in 30 days and if you are not able to use the minutes, it will be expired or if you have exceeded your 4 hours of FREE calling your calls will be charged at our normal cheap rates. The bad thing is the minutes expire. Nowadays its hard to see a provider that puts an expiry date on phone calls.

In particular, the free subscription destinations are

* Egypt Fix phone and Mobile
* Serbia Landline
* Montenegro Landline
* Iran Landline
* Ukraine Landline
* Sri Lanka Landline
* Pakistan Mobile

Apart from all, FreeVoIPDeal offers all the regular service, which is offered by other dellmont/betamax services like PC to phone, Phone2phone, via local access and SIP calling. if you have used a Betamax provider before then this one is no different. We warn you to be cautious. They increase there rates without a warning so keep an eye on the. If you want there SIP settings look below:

Freevoipdeal SIP settings in your SIP device.
SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Account name : your FreeVoipDeal username
Password : your FreeVoipDeal password
Stunserver (option) :

Once again, Betamax has launched a new service but we recommend that you be cautious when deciding to pay. If you want a very good provider, we recommend uVOIPit, one of the best newest providers on the market today.

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