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A few months ago, NetTalk and there international calling card service. Well they have finally done it and are giving free VoIP calls to USA and Canada for free! Many provides do not allow this at all and NetTalk is the first. Now you can use your cell phone to make free VoIP calls inside the US. NetTalk and MagicJack Plus compete with each other for this market. They allow users to use there computer to route calls instead of local services like Vonage.

Second, they also compete with iCall (a mVOIP) application only avaialbe on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The greates part about NetTalk is that they are available on Android, Blackberry and much more. This opens up opportunities for millions of people which iCall could not do.


* Free calling to the US and Canada
* Connectivity through WiFi / 3G / Edge
* Record conversations
* Import your contacts from your phone
* Receive customized support through 611
* Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
* Free 411 Directory Assistance

NetTalk is not your usual SIP Softphone. It is not like XLite where you can enter any VOIP services SIP settings and start using. You have to use there plans with the mVOIP application. Also they do not give a local DID number like WhistlePhone does as well. There are losses but the greatness overcomes it.

Apart from the FREE calls to USA/Canada, for some the conference calling probably stuck out. Well you don’t really find free Conference Calling services around anymore. All you have to do with NetTalk is ‘Dial 2663’ and be in a call immediately for FREE. These are some of the reasons why this service is so superior.

If you require free calling then NetTalk could come in handy to you when you are traveling, or have WIFI or 3g on your phone. Try NetTalk today and if you have better alternatives let us know by leaving a comment.

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