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NBC News VOIP service called Communicator

A well established news channel in the USA, NBC has tried to develop a VOIP application for its users. This program allows users to make free VOIP phone calls and free sms while being involved in NBC news broadcasts. This has always been a failure in the past where TV, Radio, and overall media communications have tried to develop VOIP applications. VOIP is hard to maintain and should only be used or a sole purpose of making the cheapest VOIP calls.

NBC Communicator VOIP

The NBC Communicator can be downloaded for free from there website. It is a PC to PC service such as Skype. But Skype will always be the best because they provide the cheapest VOIP calls from PC to Phone. This will be a failure. There is no reason to use such applications when there are better competitors like Skype. Still there will be many people who use it for a few days because of getting the news while speaking to people.

This could be a good way to discuss news with your friends together. This was probably the purpose of the NBC Communicator, where the users will have the news in front of them and they can discuss it through VOIP. Nonetheless, it wont be the best VOIP that there is.

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