My011 Free Calling Card Trial Review

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My011 gives $2 free Credit for VOIP Calls

My011 is a pinless calling card service that is giving its new users $2 free trial credit. This service is based in the United States and have been around since VOIP started. Overall, My011 is not a good voip service because they do not provide the cheapest voip calls possible. There rates are extremely high for countries like India and Bangladesh. The only reason they are somewhat desirable is because of the free voip phone calls they are giving for now.

So My011 should be a one time deal and afterwards better services such as Rebtel or Lingo Unlimited VOIP should be used. To get your $2 credit, all that is required is a name, email address and phone number. They do not require a credit card or any kind. After registering they will contact you via phone to confirm your information. After that you will receive your $2. So you have to be a US resident to use this service because they will be contacting a US number.

Let’s see how to get the free voip phone calls:

  1. Dial the local access number that the website states for your area.
  2. Wait for the prompts then dial your destination, no need for 00 or +.
  3. Your call will be connected right after that.

My011 is a normal calling card service that offers the same features as better providers. For example, Comfi gives better cheap rates and better service. So My011 should be used on a trial basis just for the free credit. With this credit a user can call many countries and talk for a long time. So try My011 free calling card trial today.

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