Mother India Calling Card Review

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MotherIndia Calling Card

Mother India Calling Card are gives you the cheapest calls to India at a great rate. Most of people living in USA who make calls to India, make it using a calling card. Its easier and sometimes better if you don’t call as much to India. Many people use locally available calling cards which are not so popular but they really offer you a good deal. Apart from cheap rates, the voice quality and service is also good.

Mother India Calling Card gives some great rates to India. If you spend $10, you will get 500 minutes of talk time. This makes your effective calling rate of just 2 cents/minute. This is a wonderful rate for a calling card. Most of the time calling cards usually have a higher rate because there is no commitment between the two parties.

Some great features of Mother India Calling card are that they are:

  • Rechargeable
  • Pin-less Dialing
  • Speed Dialing
  • Easy To Setup
  • No Hidden Charges

The pinless dialing is very important features for a calling card. When you first dial the number and enter the pin, the Mother India Calling Card system keeps your info memorized so you never have to enter it again. This is a great service for cheap phone calls to India.

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