MojoCall Free Calls to 50 Countries Review

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Use MojoCall for Cheapest VOIP Calls

MojoCall is local access number based service. This service is a part of IndiaLD, a top VOIP provider for calls to India. MojoCall gives users free calls from New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Australia. Local access number services are available in Australia such as FreedomCalls review. But countries like NZ and SA are mediocre VOIP countries so this service is great for them.

There is a huge Indian community is the South Africa region and therefore MojoCall has offer free calls to India as well. Along with India there are 50 other countries were the phone calls can be made. This is a mobile call and therefore your mobile minutes well be cut. Make sure you have a good mobile plan that offers enough minutes for your use. The only catch is that the calls last from 5 min to 7 minutes. After that the call will be disconnected. This is what all local access based services do. They play an advertisement while the call gets connected and you can make the free voip phone call for a limited time.

MojoCall is a wonderful service if you live in those 4 countries that is supported. If you do not live in those countries that 1800Free411 is a local access service you can try. Other than that, Try MojaCall’s offer for free calls to 50 countries and let us know how it is.

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