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Like IndiaLD, one of the cheapest providers for calls to India, MexLD is a voip service which is offering very cheap VOIP calls to Mexico. MexLd is offering monthly plans in which it is offering calls to Mexico at just 1.3 cents per minute.

You can Call Mexican Landlines using MexLD for just 1.3 cents per minute with no hidden fees. You have to purchase monthly packages with fixed amount of minutes. Each month your plan will automatically renew, and you will get a fresh set of minutes. There are no hidden fees, no connection fees. Also there is no fee for cancelling your service. The plans start at $6.95 per month.

After you have purchased a plan, call the access number. When prompted, dial the number you want to reach in Mexico. When calling Mexico, be sure to include 011 52 (Mexico Country code) before the number.
Also check the destinations in Mexico and check if your prefix is available. If it is not on the list then you will be charged ten times as much. So double check that.

See how MexLD goes for you.

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