MarqueDirecto Free 69 Minutes to India

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MarqueDirecto Free Calls to India

India is starting to become a cheap VOIP country. Business are expanding to India therefore people need cheap rates. Even better than cheap rates are free calls from MarqueDirecto. This service is offering 69 minutes of free calls to everyone who signs up. To get this great deal, you will need to go to there page and click on the “Start my Free Trial”. You will be guided through the signup process.

Now the only issue is that they require a credit card to signup but it clearly states they will not charge it at all if you dont want it to be charged. If you are still skeptical of going through with that then you can always use a prepay credit card as well. You will receive a local number for each international number you add in your contacts and you can direct dial that number withouth any access numbers.

Try MarqueDirecto and see how it is, and do not forget to cancel before the $5 runs out.

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