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If you have realized that you had spend enough of your money in making calls then welcome to this Free VoIP Calls Blog because over here you are going to learn different ways of making free calls using VoIP. If you are a U.S residence then I have a great new for you, Ooma is an outstanding device using that you can make free calls to all over U.S. You can anytime without fearing about call duration but they only charge for application text and fees. Ooma is not only featured to call in U.S in fact you can also make International calls to any country at cheap rates. This is a great device which is easy to use and setup. The best part of this device is that if you don’t have PC or headphone then you can directly connect with your regular phones.

Ooma is widely used and our source says that it has great voice quality too. If you know or tried Magic Jack before then I think you got the idea about this device. If you are thinking about this service then its fine but before that you need to purchase the device which is quite expensive. The approximately rate is $160 but may be this time you can purchase it in around $129.99 due drop down in rate. If you will purchase this device then it’s totally belongs to you, you will not need to play any kind of monthly charges and all.

Read the detail derived from Internet related to Ooma:

1. Opportunity to make unlimited U.S calls.
2. Easy to use and setup.
3. If you are an Ooma Premier user then you will provided by 60 days of free trial.
4. One year Extended warranty along with 30 days of money back offer.
5. Get new number.
6. Using Ooma you can make cheap International calls which start from less then a cent.
7. You can also keep your existence number if you want by paying a little one time charge.
8. Get outstanding performance, feature and voice quality on Landline.

Conclusion: Ooma is a device based VoIP calling service which requires no pc or microphones because it can attached in your regular telephone and start working. The good part is that you don’t rush to your pc to make VoIP calls. Though device is little costly but it just one time expenditure and at the end every hi-tech electronic device are costly.

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