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Cheapest VOIP Calls to 70 Countries free

FreedomCalls is Australia’s best VOIP service for free VOIP Phone calls. They give calls to India and 70 other destinations for free. Now they are expanding after seeing there great growth. The Australian service is simple to use and does not take much effort.

To make calls from Australia then the user will need to dial a local access number: 0424215152 (Australian Mobile Number), then you will be prompted to enter your destination which can be 70 countries including India. The international portion of this call is absolutely free but the local call is up to you. So your cell phone provider will need to be upgrade to handle more caps per minute and people in Australia know the procedure.

FreedomCalls has expanded there wonderful service to New Zealand. Now people in New Zealand can make the same free phone voip phone calls as Australia. The procedure is the same and it is just as easy but there are more access numbers to call to:

  • 028 3000 011
    028 3000 022
    028 3000 033

Then you will be prompted for a destination and can enter it with a 00 + country code prefix + the number.  It is that simple to make these free calls. Once again the international call is free but the local call is up to you. So you will need to manipulate your landline or mobile providers to make these free calls.

Try FreedomCalls out, the are giving a great way to make free international calls from New Zealand and Australia.

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