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More and more people are using voice chat these days. Many internet giants like Google, Yahoo!, and Skype support voice chat. One such voice chat technology is Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. VoIP works on a technology wherein voice is converted into digital data packets and sent across the internet to the receiving party. Upon reaching there, the same process is carried out in reverse order. Cheap VoIP calls have made this advance in the telecom sector more popular.

The ability to make cheap VoIP calls with just a computer system and a set of headphones along with a microphone has brought people nearer to their relatives and friends living abroad. People all over the world can get in touch with their friends or relatives more easily now. There are different methods to making a VoIP call. They are PC to PC calls, PC to phone calls, and PC-to-mobile calls.

Most calls rates are easy on your wallet. You may want to look out for different service providers in the VoIP market to analyze which call plan will be optimal for you. Most cheap VoIP service providers have fixed calling plans. These plans are mostly on a monthly basis. The service providers charge you a small initial fee. You can also avail of prepaid calling packs. In prepaid packs, once your calling credit is over, you can replenish it by adding more credit value to it. There is no need for you to set up the entire process or the equipment all over again.

To make cheap VoIP calls, you require an added equipment called ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter, which is given to you by the service provider at the time of VoIP set-up. With the ATA, a computer, a set of headphones, and necessary software in place, you can make hassle-free calls to international destinations. Once you have access to VoIP calling, you can get other benefits that come with VoIP such as call forwarding, call conferencing, caller ID, three way calling, video calling, and last call redial, among other options. You can also send images and videos through the same network. Cheap VoIP calls help in the reducing your phone bill for international calls. VoIP service providers also support local number calling.

The best feature of VoIP is that it is user-centric, in the sense that a VoIP number is personal to the user, regardless of the place. Therefore, you can enjoy cheap VoIP calls while roaming. You number will work even if you relocate.

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