Localphone lowers rates to Pakistan

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Localphone is a highly used VoIP service that gives excellent quality to Pakistan and other countries. Recently, they have lowered the prices to Pakistan. Localphone is a great service located in the UK and they are always there to help their customers. Pakistan is a huge VoIP country because a lot of Pakistanis live in the US and other countries. Cheap calls to Pakistan are possible with uVOIPit only if you live in the countries supported by them.

Localphone Countries

Localphone supports only two countries for phone to phone calls, which are UK and US. If people want to make calls from other countries then they need to use a SIP softphone. Softphones are easy to use but they will require that you have an internet connection and a computer capable of running the software.

As for Pakistan, you can use the above two methods to call them and the price will remain the same. When you call Pakistan, your caller ID will pass through which is a good sign for many people. It is always recommended to check different VoIP services before choosing the one you like. This is because; each VoIP service has its specialty countries. Localphone is great for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and more Asian countries.

Cheap calls to Pakistan are possible but still Pakistan is a back warded country because there rates are at upwards of 5 cents/minute. Compared to countries like Bangladesh and India, which are half that amount they are behind them. If you want reliability at an affordable price then Localphone can help you greatly with that.

You can visit their site at and see for yourself.

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