Localphone Cheaper Calls to India at 1.5 cents

1 Comment 14 January 2015

Cheap Calls to India

Localphone has been a favorite VoIP service for many users for the past few years. They recently lowered there cheap rate to India at 1.5 cents per minute now. This is the best way to make cheap calls to India. Localphone provides excellent quality along with good features.

But the only issue is that this offer only runs for the month of May. After that the rate will go back to its original 1.8 cents/minute. This is why it is always recommended to choose one good provider. If you are looking for a consistent 1.5 cents/minute rate than uVOIPit is highly recommended. The quality is wonderful and features are perfect.

uVOIPit is new but there prices are so good that it does not matter. Try Localphone and uVOIPit today to determine which is better for you.

Originally posted 2010-05-08 15:50:34.

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