Keku with Google Voice gives International Call Forwarding!

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Most of us have used Google Voice for free SMS worldwide (not offered anymore) or a personal telephone number in the USA. One thing that it lacks heavily is the ability to forward the US number to any international phone number. This feature is important for company’s or individuals who want a presence in the US but operate from abroad. It can also be used by family members where a local number is given to a family and when called it automatically forwards to an international destination.

GoogleVoice will never offer this service so has found a solution for you. Keku is not a well known VoIP service but many people will use them because of their call forwarding features. Follow this explanation to get call forwarding with Google Voice:

1. Create a quick Keku account at
2. Add your Google Voice number in your Keku account.
3. Keku assigns a local number for each of your contact. Because we want to forward our number, create another contact with your destination number.
4. Log into your Google Voice account, go to settings, and click “Add another phone”. Add the local access number you got from Keku here.
5. Now when someone calls your GV number, it will get forward to your Keku number and then that will get forwarded to your destination number.

As you can see their is an intermediate step but you still get the final result of call forwarding. Companies now can have a presence in the US and the customer will not know. This is a great way to generate more business. VoIP is powerful technology and this will be perfect for those who are looking for call forwarding services.

Originally posted 2011-06-26 19:11:15.

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