JumperTel Unblocks VOIP Calls from UAE

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Blocked VOIP Countries can make VOIP Calls

VOIP has been blocked in many countries such as UAE. There are many ways to get around that but it is difficult to setup for the non tech-savvy person. The best route for VOIP calls from UAE or other countries is through VPN connection. This is a pain to setup and hard to maintain. Therefore, a service has been introduced that will allow users to setup a VPN in seconds.

JumperTel allows for a VOIP call through VPN. Now JumperTel is a USB phone that hooks up to your PC’s USB port. It routes the calls through your computer and internet. It allows for JumperTel to JumperTel calls to any person in the world. This is not special for any other country that does not have VOIP blocked because it is just like PC to PC calls and Skype can be used for that. But Skype is blocked in many countries such as UAE. So purchasing a JumperTel phone will allow you to use the service.

This phone costs a one time fee of $21.99, and the service is $1/month or $12/year. The calls are unlimited and you need to have a friend or family member who uses the same service so you can make the calls to them. They do not allow calls to normal landlines or cell phones, its only Jumper to Jumper.

How does JumperTel unblock VOIP Calls

It is very easy to do this. When you get your USB phone, you plug it in to your computer and it will guide you through the best route. It will auto detect that you cannot make normal VOIP calls and it will set up a VPN network for you. This all takes a matter of 5 minutes and a few clicks on your side.

Once again, it needs to be stated that this is ONLY for those who do not want to worry about technology. If you know something about VOIP and SIP then you know that there are better and free alternatives such as Skype or any other kind of SIP service. Other than that this is a good service and pricing is not so bad. If you live in a VOIP blocked country, then JumperTel can help you in some ways.

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