International VoIP Calling Rates for Spring Break 2013

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With Spring Break only a week or two away, many have already planned their vacations to exotic locations. However, something those travellers may not have accounted for are the expensive phone bills they’ll accumulate when calling home.

International calling rates at hotels can be very high, sometimes as high as several dollars per minute. In a lot of cases, though, travellers are stuck with those expensive rates if they want to make a call. However, if the traveller uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for phone service, they can avoid expensive international rates altogether.

VoIP, a traditional phone service alternative that uses the Internet to send calls, can save subscribers money on all of their international calls. Many providers will save subscribers money on calls from international locations and to international locations.

Avoid Expensive International Rates

Access VoIP Service From Anywhere

A great advantage of VoIP service is its mobility. Users can take their IP phone with them wherever they go, and as long as they have access to power and an Internet connection they can make calls.

Because VoIP uses the Internet to make calls, the service is not tied to a particular location, like it is with traditional phone service. Instead VoIP service is tied to the user’s account, which can be accessed from their IP phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

While travelling abroad, you can use your IP phone to call home without worrying about expensive per-minute rates. As long as you are using your VoIP service, any calls to numbers in the US will not be treated as international calls. Although you might be halfway around the world, your VoIP provider will treat the call the same as if you were down the street, meaning there will be no international charges.


Many VoIP providers also support free softphone applications with their service plans. Some providers even offer their own softphones.

A softphone is a great tool for travellers who don’t want to take their IP phones with them on vacation. A softphone is an application for your computer, tablet, or smartphone that allows you to make calls using an on-screen dialpad.

If you were to make an international call using just your smartphone, you would be using up your wireless plan’s minutes. You would also rack up some expensive international charges. However, with a softphone you are actually using your data plan to make calls. And the best part of using a softphone is that any calls to numbers within the US are unlimited.

Additionally, if you can access a free WiFi connection, you can use a softphone without deducting from your monthly data usage allotment.

Save Money When Calling International Locations

Many parents will want to keep an active line of communication when their kids are on vacation, but it’s hard to touch base with expensive international calling rates. However, many VoIP providers offer cheap solutions for calling international destinations.

Some providers offer unlimited calling to specific international locations. You typically get a 60-minute allotment per month, and you can call any country on the provider’s list without any per-minute charges.

If a country is not on the provider’s list, though, the per-minute rates will still be cheap, especially when compared to traditional service. Calls to Spring Break hot spots like Jamaica, Cancun, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas are all less than $0.10/minute with residential VoIP provider ITP. With these rates, parents won’t worry about limiting their calls, and will actually be able to ask their kids about their vacation in detail.

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