International Calls Via VoIP – Cheap and Efficient

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Making international calls can many times be a hassle, from choosing the right service providers to ensuring that we get the best deals in terms of tariff, it is definitely an issue that one must invest some amount of time to get satisfied results.

Today one can make international calls in a number of ways, from a mobile phone, from a fixed line or from the latest technology that is out there i.e. VoIP.

Calling from a fixed line requires a user to type the country code that one would like to connect to and then proceed to type the state and the city code and then the telephone number. The international call tariffs for such a facility varies with different factors. One being the distance between the user and the country being called and the other being the service provider and the tariffs they offer.

Let us take an example of calling an Asian country like Pakistan from the US or the UK. The fixed line rates are such that a call would cost around 1.5 dollars per minute or 1.2 pounds per minute. There are also additional costs like monthly charges and fixed charges once a call is established etc.

Another method to make international calls which is very popular is by a mobile phone. The easy availability of a mobile makes it a good choice for anyone to make international calls via this device. The tariffs are again dependent on the distance between the callers and the type of service provider. Using a mobile for international calls typically is high. They vary from 2 dollars to 5 dollars per minute and the similar rates on the pound. These rates can be reduced by using a calling card or focusing tariffs for international calls as provided by the service provider.

The latest in technology that has reduced calling charges drastically is the VoIP. The VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. The main feature of this service is that it uses the internet to make calls and this is very cheap compared to other services and its rates do not vary drastically with the distance between the users. The fixed charges per month in this service is a comparable to others (around 4 pounds or 5 to 6 dollars more) but while one looks at the bigger picture which is per minute charges, it will show that it is a good device to invest your money. The biggest feature of the VoIP is that one can purchase a phone number that is from a foreign country. For example if one would want to make VoIP calls to Pakistan, one can buy the phone number which is a local number in Pakistan thus getting charged at local rates. Typically one would spend a few cents or pence per second.

Using VoIP has many advantages and when destinations where the distance usually dictates tariffs like making VoIP calls to Pakistan from the USA or the UK. It is not only becomes cheap but comes with many features like a monthly fixed charge than is comparable to fixed line charges and pin less dialing etc. The other features like easy teleconferencing and voice messages that are cheap even on an international scale would only make it logical to approach the VoIP to make suffice our budgetary demands.

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