Inter VOIP Betamax Service Review

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Inter VOIP Betamax Review

Inter VOIP is one of the oldest Betamax services that has been doing very well. Inter VOIP gives some of the best Betamax voice quality in the market. Prior to 2009, they offered extremely cheap rates to India at 1.8 cents/minute. Now the rate is at 3.0 cents/minute but Betamax always has its advantage which is the ways to make the international phone calls.

Most services only have 1 route to make a phone call either access numbers, SIP, or others. Betamax provides all the routes possible. They give SIP settings for a SIP softphone, local access numbers and phone to phone. This is why Betamax is always original from the rest. Inter VOIP is giving some good rates and if you wand try them then uses these SIP settings for your softphone.

Inter VOIP Settings

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : empty
Account name : InterVoip username
Password : InterVoip password
Display name/number : InterVoip username
Stunserver (option) :

Try Inter VOIP today and see how Betamax Services are always giving the best features.

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