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Telecommunication is one of the most important aspects of modern business. Businesses have to have superior voice services to communicate with their customers, potential customers and business partners. Workers within the same establishment must have easy access to each other, as well. Wholesale VoIP services can provide a modern business with a wealth of features that can enhance business operations on various levels. Additionally, a person with an entrepreneurial spirit could purchase wholesale services for a private business venture. The following are some ways that VoIP services can enhance business telecommunications:

Business Cost Reduction

Wholesale VoIP services are significantly cheaper than any other telecommunication services. Even landline providers that offer business account discounts cannot compete with the pricing that voice over IP providers offer. Therefore, signing up with a wholesale provider is the perfect way for a business of any size to cut its expenses. VoIP services can cut telecommunications expenses down as much as 80 percent.

Added Mobility

VoIP telephone services are mobile, which means that workers, managers and administrators can use their numbers when they take business trips and other journeys. A person can easily access his or her account online in any area that has an internet connection.

Elite Features

Wholesale VoIP services usually come bundled with a swarm of features for which other providers charge their customers greatly. Some examples of features that a consumer may find in a wholesale VoIP package include incoming caller ID, e911 services, auto attending, conferencing and more.


Scalability is a huge benefit when it comes to wholesale services. A customer can select packages that grow and expand with his or her business. The person can delete features and decrease lines to meet business declines, as well.

Overall Efficiency

Voice over IP service can make any business more efficient in terms of customer relations and business relations. Wholesale services can sometimes help sales-oriented businesses to grow their sales numbers significantly.

Choosing the Best Wholesale VoIP Providers

An interested person will want to review several providers before choosing a company that will service him or her. The person will want to review the five major qualities in a provider. The first quality the person will want to review is the provider’s reputation. Consumers can establish a provider’s reputation by leaving comments, testimonials and overall rankings. An interested business owner can locate consumer commentary quite easily and make a decision based on what the consumers say. Consumer reviews will state opinions on various aspects of each provider.

The next quality that a business will want to research in a provider is its affordability. Many options are available for VoIP services. Therefore, prospective customers can shop around for the best pricing grid if they like.

Features are another large area to review when choosing a provider. The multitude of features that a provider offers could cause a business to flourish. Therefore, using a comparison tool to find the provider that offers the best mix of features is a good rule-of-thumb practice.

Service quality is an important aspect of VoIP. The VoIP technology has improved significantly over the years, so businesses can obtain flawless services. A prospective customer will want to test the call quality. Some providers offer free trial periods during which an interested person can test drive the platform. A business could take advantage of a free test drive period to see if the services are elite.

Finally, a prospective business customer will want to ensure that the VoIP provider gives the company a high level of customer service.

Five Reliable Wholesale VoIP Providers

Wholesale VoIP services can be perfect for a company that is looking to decrease its overhead or profit from reselling. They can provide a level of efficiency and stability for a non-reseller establishment, as well. The following are some of the top wholesale VoIP providers and the reasons that they are listed as such:


Voicbuy won an Editor’s Choice Award and a Best of Wilmington Award for its wide assortment of business services and its lucrative marketing strategies. Voicebuy offers a slew of wholesale services and VoIP components. Interested persons can review Voicebuy for mobile dialers, hosted PBX services, SIP trunking, switch partitioning and more. The company openly displays its international rates and is extremely transparent about its operations.


Telnyx is a top-rated provider because of scalability and customization options. The company guarantees that all of its customers will receive carrier-quality telecommunications because of its superior technology. Telnyx offers e911 services, toll-free numbers, termination, origination and colocation. Telnyx services do not require hardware, so the company’s’ customers can save money just by signing up with them.

Alcazar Networks

Alcazar Networks offers local DID origination and toll-free DID origination. The local DID numbers are assignable to more than 4,000 U.S. rate centers, and customers can receive flat rates and unlimited channel pricing. Alcazar Networks also offers LCR termination services. Their LCR termination services provide the highest level of voice quality that a company can get. They are slightly more expensive than other services are, but the call quality can increase profits for a client. Alcazar offers additional services such as free toll-free termination and short-duration termination. Additionally, Alcazar offers a free trial, which is appealing to prospective customers.


Conexiant has POPs in areas such as a Los Angeles, California; Denver, Colorado; Hong Kong, China; and Frankfurt, Germany. The company offers unlimited inbound DID for $7.88 a month. The plan offers other features such as call burst minutes, call forwarding, voicemail to email, and low excess minute charges. Conexiant offers DIDs and origination from more than 50 countries with amazing discounts. Additionally, the company offers quality calls and global coverage.


The nexVortex company is listed as one of the top providers for its high service quality. NexVortex offers wholesale VoIP services to companies that use SIP trunking. It focuses on servicing medium and small businesses. NexVortex offers a strong web portal as well as quality calling, superior customer service and instant scalability. Clients can receive numbers from all over the nation. Furthermore, the company offers a rewarding wholesale program to its affiliates.

Choosing the right provider requires the shopper to conduct an inventory of the business needs. Next, the person will want to schedule a consultation with a provider that can tailor a plan that fits those needs. Wholesale VoIP providers are available by phone or online query form. A reliable provider will return a customer’s contact quickly. Some providers allow their customers to sign up online without any assistance.

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