ICall VOIP Application for Iphone and Ipod Touch

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ICall Application for Apple iPhone iPod Review

ICall is a VOIP Service that offers the cheapest VOIP calls to USA, Canada and hundreds of other countries. Recently, they announced there own VOIP application for the iPhone and iPod products. Many users want free VOIP phone calls on there Apple products, but Apple never approved of this because it would steal many customers. But VOIP has taken over and now these two products are supported by the ICall VOIP Application.

ICall service is available via three routes, 1) Computer application, 2) Web application on there site, 3) iPhone application. The great part about ICall is that they give 5 minutes of unlimited free calls to the USA and Canada. The limit is set to 5 minutes but it can be used as many times as wanted. You also have to listen to ads when being connected to the call. They also have monthly plans for unlimited minute calls as well.

iCall Free VOIP Call Plan (Computer only)

* Free calls to any number in USA and CANADA up to 5min
* Voicemail
* Free Directory Assistance
* Ads before call
* Low Voice Quality

iCall Pay As you Go Plan (Computer, and iPhone)

* per minute rates worldwide
* No Ads!
* Free Directory Assistance (411)

iCall Total Access ($9.95/month) (Computer and Iphone)

* Unlimited calls to USA and Canada
* Personal Phone Number
* Voicemail
* Call Forwarding
* No Ads
* Free Directory Assistance (411)

ICall is the first service that is allowing for VOIP to prevail on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Slowly more will be introduced but for now use iCall VOIP application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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