How to Make Cheap International Calls From UK

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Free International Calls from UK

Good news for Orange Pay Monthly Mobile phone subscribers in the UK. You can now make free international calls to over 100 countries from your orange mobile by dialing a unique access number and using your inclusive cross network minutes.

Check the list of ‘Free International Calls from UK’ Country List. How to make free international calls.

First email accessnumbers @ gmail(dot)com with your UK Orange mobile number to get an access number. Each person will be allocated a different access number.

There is a limit of 3000 minutes per access number per month.

When you receive the access number, you simply dial it and then enter in the full international number at the voice prompt. Then press the hash button after then number. And like magic the call with connect and you can talk for as long as you like.

For example Dial Access number ****** *** ***, enter international number 0091 etc and press # sign.

Make a test call and check your bill. You will see that the minutes are deducted from the inclusive minutes and there are no charges appearing on your bill.

The voip service has also included the proof of the same. No hidden charges, or any charges.


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