How to Get Free VOIP Phone Calls to India

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Free VOIP Phone Calls to India

India is the one of the biggest VOIP country in the world. All VOIP providers know that if they can provide the cheapest rate to call India then they will be successful. Many VOIP services have passed and many have failed on providing free voip phone calls to India. Making free calls to India is simpler then any other country but still not many providers give it for free. Well first lets cover how to get the cheapest voip calls to India:

Cheapest VOIP Calls to India

Lingo – Unlimited Calls for $4.95/month
Lingo gives unlimited calls to India at the cheapest rate in the World. When you Sign up the first month is only $4.95 a month then afterward its $23.95 a month. This deal can be found nowhere else. Lingo has defeated VOnage’s phone servicer along time ago. Lingo is the new unlimited voip provider that gives excellent rates to India.

Rebtel – Cheap Rates to India
If you want a per minute rate to India then Rebtel gives this service at 1.8 cents/minute with crystal clear voice calls. There service is excellent and everyone in the world can use it. You get a local contact number that is forward internationally when you call it. SO no more pins or voice prompts. You will call a normal number to connect to your friend in India.

Those were some of the many cheapest voip calls to India providers. Now everyone wants free calls so lets get to those. There are many but not all are reliable. Below are the most reliable out there:

Free VOIP Phone Calls to India

PhonePower – 60 Minutes Free to India
PhonePower is one of United State’s best VOIP services. They have a new promotion running for new and old customers. The promotions is that every user will receive 60 minutes free to India every month regardless of the plan they are on. This is very special plan because PhonePower is a landline service provider so you can get 60 minutes free from your landline.

This service is a local access number service that gives free calls. You dial the number above and you can call India but you have to listen to ads while you wait to be connected. There is a limit to how much you can talk but you can do it as many times as you want. So this is a completely free service.

These were some of the most reliable free and cheap services to call India. There are many many more that give free minutes only on one time basis but that is of no use. Consistency is important when trying to get free calls. All these providers are consistent and hopefully you will find one useful. How to get free VOIP phone calls to India is easy so try one today!

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