How to effectively resolve VoIP issues

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How to effectively resolve VoIP issues?

VoIP service has started increasing manifolds as each year; millions of new users subscribe to it all across the world. There are many different types of VoIP providers out there. Some of them are offering free services while others charge very market competitive rates to their subscribers. VoIP has not only been effectively deployed by the residential phone users, but business phone users are also using this service to their advantage. Even some entrepreneurs have gone to the length of redesigning their company’s phoning structure so they can avail this great phone service for their business ventures. But as always, there are times when people face problems when using VoIP service. They are not able to get the quality that was originally promised to them.

Let us have a look at all the main problems which might cause interruption in your VoIP phone.

Internet connection

There are many times when VoIP subscribers keep on changing their phone service and they still say that every phone service that they used had problems. If that is the case with you, then there is a bright chance that the problem lays nowhere else but your internet service provider.People often blindly trust the capabilities of their internet connection. They however don’t realize that the fault is with their internet connection. One thing that we really need to look at closely is the use of internet. We don’t use internet solely for the phone, but instead it has multiple uses. Sometimes, there are more than one users using the same internet connection. Often people are streaming videos, downloading stuff from the internet, and doing all other kinds of things on internet. Use of internet phone requires additional bandwidth, which is not provided to the phone because the connection is already loaded with a lot of other tasks. When you subscribe to a VoIP provider, always ask about the internet connection speed that is required for VoIP usage and also try to ascertain for what purposes you are already using a connection. This way you will be able to determine the internet speed that you require to easily run your phone service.

Router related issues

When we use internet for carrying voice data, there are number of different routers used that carry the voice. Each router has different capacity of passing the data in a certain amount of time. Customers experiencing low quality VoIP services usually suffer because they have low capacity routers with high data traffic. Each router has a specific data passing capability beyond that it cannot pass on data. When the data overloads the capacity, the router starts making queues of data which wait in line until the already given data is allowed to pass. And at times when the queues also become full, then the data starts dropping. This is the point where the call dropping and interruption starts making its impact. In such a case scenario, the VoIP user should instead change the router and switch to a better one.

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