How to Configure XLite Softphone for VOIP

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XLite Softphone Set Up

XLite is by far the best softphone on the market today. It is free as well. A softphone is a portal for access to your VOIP provider. Many VOIP providers give SIP settings for people to use a softphone to make calls with, these type of calls are called PC to Phone. Services like Localphone provide SIP settings for you to use. XLite is a softphone that is loaded with extra features and therefore it can sometimes be hard to set it up. Follow these procedures to successfully make a PC to Phone call.

First, you will need a few requirements. You will need to download and install XLite. This can be found anywhere on the internet and it is free. Next, you need a VOIP service that gives SIP settings. If you have these two then you are ready to set up your application. Open your XLite program then right at the top there will be an arrow, click the arrow. You will be presented with a menu. Find account settings then a settings window will open. Create a new account and you will finally be at the settings. The windows should look like the picture below.

Xlite how to

Now you will need your sip settings. Usually in the username box it consists of the name you used to sign up to the VOIP service or a pin number that they provide you. The VOIP service should have given you the entire list and you can just fill in all the info. If there is no PROXY with your service then there is no need to add that, just keep it blank.

Many VOIP services do not give SIP settings such as Rebtel. If they dont then you cannot use there service for PC to Phone calls. After inserting all your settings you can now hit save, and then see if XLite can connect to the service. It will appear on the main screen. If it can then now you can make the cheapest VOIP calls possible. If it was unable to do so then double check your settings.

Configuring XLite is very simple. Once it is done it is the best softphone to use for any type of call. There are many other softphones that you can use and the setup is the same for them. Now you know how to configure the XLite softphone.

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