Best of Home Phone Service Providers: Lingo or PhonePower?

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There are various home phone service providers out there in the United States to claim to have excellent quality and reliability. Residential VoIP service entails hardware being set up in your home instead of using, for example, your computer or your mobile. Adding this extra hardware into your home will force the service providers to give you more customer support because many people are not aware of how to operate the technology. Unlike mobile phone contracts, VoIP does not bound the customer to one provider which is perfect because you will be able to switch if you encounter any issues. We hope that you will not have to switch and you can find a good provider that can help you make local and long-distance calls from your home. Two such providers stand out from the rest that provide VoIP connection locally and internationally. We will review these providers by checking the customer support, reliability, and pricing. The two providers are Lingo and PhonePower.

Who is Lingo?

Home Phone Service Provider Lingo


Lingo is a home phone service provider that allows customers to make local calls in the U.S. and internationally. They cover unlimited calls in the US and 45 countries globally while providing 20 calling features at $21.95 per month. If you are to shop around, this is one of the better deals you will be able to find. Lingo has been ranked highly by various reviewers around the Internet for providing sound customer support and reliability. Lingo has been in the VoIP business since 1999 and has been providing affordable packages for any type of customer. If you are a small business, corporate business, or a residential customer they have services for every person with every need and every budget.

With the $21.95 per month plan you receive unlimited calls to 45 countries which includes countries such as India, UK, Japan, Brazil and much more. In addition to that, the first month of your service will be absolutely free. Great deals us such as the first free month are what sets mediocre services apart from top services. Lingo is regarded as one of the top VoIP services in the world for residential calling.

Who is PhonePower?

Home Phone Service Providers Phonepower


Phone power is another residential VoIP provider that has extensive features at minimal prices. With phone power, you can get unlimited US and Canada calls for $19.95 per month. With this $19.95 per month deal you will also be provided with a second phone line for your home. The adapter that you will be given by them will be capable of handling PhonePower pricing is far less than Lingo but they do not provide international calling. Their international calling is only 60 minutes per month as a maximum amount:. For some this may be plenty, but for many this is too little to even consider. Therefore, Lingo is a great alternative for only an extra $10 a month you will have unlimited calls to 45 countries worldwide.

Phone power is great for those who do not need to call internationally but require U.S. and Canada calling. Also keep in mind, phone power has a shipping and handling charge of $14.95 as a one-time fee to send you the adapter that will be attached to their service. This would adapter is also provided by Lingo which resembles a wireless router but only usable for calling. PhonePower is regarded as a wonderful service for those who have specific needs but Lingo wins the competition because of their various features and international calling.

Extra Information

Even though both providers state that their plans are unlimited, this does not mean that there is no Fair Usage Policy. This policy is an agreement by the customer and the business stating that an allocated amount of minutes will not be surpassed. For PhonePower the amount of minutes cannot be surpassed is 5000 minutes per month. For Lingo the amount of minutes that cannot be surpassed totals 5000 minutes per month as well. It is advised, to monitor your minute usage because if you surpass it you will pays a hefty per minute surcharges. This is evident with all phone service nowadays providing unlimited calls as a means to protect themselves.

In conclusion, home phone service providers are available in the United States but few of them can actually provide a reliable service. PhonePower and Lingo are among the services in the world and majority of United States residents use them. There are various other competitors such as Vonage, ViaTalk and more but they have various hidden charges that are not visible to the customer. These two providers have passed the test and have always been honest of the charges that they will put on your bill. Therefore, they are regarded as one of the best VoIP providers for residential calling.

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