Hoiio Free VOIP Phone Calls Service Review

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Free ISD Phone Calls with HOIIO

Hoiio gives VOIP users a change to make free international calls worldwide. There main goal is to provide people with cheap calls so everyone can use it. This is a good business plan for VOIP because every person will use the cheapest service if it is available. Hoiio service is located in Singapore but there presence is worldwide.

The prime goal of Teliwave (Hoiio) is to introduce novel and modern methods to enable its customers to stay connected with their near and dear ones, without any hassles and without the need of any special network or tools. The most interesting feature of Hoiio is that the customers can choose the mode of staying connected with the other users for placing international calls. One can either choose to use landline phones, cellular phones or through the internet.

Steps to Make free International Calls with Hoiio

Let us see how you can make free international calls with the help of the Hoiio facility. This is how you can make the calls absolutely free:

  1. First, visit Hoiio and get registered.
  2. Add your Contacts.
  3. Now, type in a ‘1’ in addition to the contact number of the person who wish to talk.
  4. You can also make free VOIP calls at an economical rate of $1 only.

Hoiio can save you a lot of money because calls can be made at economical costs. There service can be used from a normal cell phone or landline, PC, or even WIFI from your Windows Mobile, iPhone, or Symbian phone. The service is therefore universal and all users can enjoy the cheapest VOIP calls.

Also they provide a worldwide SMS service for everyone to use at cheap rates. This service is trying to take GoogleVoice by shock because the deals they offer are both the same. In addition to saving on the calls that you make, you will also be able to save drastically on the calls received by you. This is because Hoiio will transform all the call received by you as incoming calls.

Hoiio is a wonderful VOIP service that should be given a try by everyone. It might not be the best provider for everyone but they will have a feature that might help you. Try Hoiio today for free VOIP phone calls and this was a Hoiio Review.

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