Having a Residential VoIP Provider in Your Household Can Save Tons on Monthly Bills

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Consumers may want to consider switching to residential VoIP services if they are trying to cut down on their monthly bills. Residential VoIP services can cut costs up to 88 percent depending on the consumer’s current telephone service provider. Modern residential VoIP providers offer the community many of the same features and services those alternative telephone service providers. Some residential VoIP providers offer many more features than the average telephone company provides. Additionally, residential VoIP technology has improved immensely over the years. Therefore, consumers can receive high-quality voice services instead of the unreliable services they may have received in the past. Currently, tens of millions of businesses and consumers use VoIP services. The numbers are growing every day as people are trimming the fat from their monthly expenses.

The Benefits of Using Residential VoIP Over Other Services

The discounts and savings are the main benefits of using residential VoIP service over other types of telephone service. Mobile phone service costs consumers approximately $25 to $50 a month. Traditional landline service costs an average of $30 a month. DSL telephone services could be as low as $20, but they are still not a match for residential VoIP services. Many residential VoIP providers offer full-featured service to consumers for as little as $5 to $10 a month.

Another benefit of the residential VoIP service is its portability. A person with a VoIP provider can use the service on his or her mobile phone or tablet. The person is not confined the home like landline and DSL customers are. A residential VoIP customer can use his or her services as long an Internet connection exists in the areas to which the person travels.

The elimination of long distance fees is another huge benefit of residential VoIP service. Landline providers often charge consumers for their phone calls from one area code or state to the next. Residential VoIP providers consider all calls within a single country as local calls. Additionally, VoIP customers can obtain area codes that are not within their local calling area. For example, a person who lives in New Jersey could obtain a California or Florida number through a participating VoIP provider. Landline services and mobile phone services do not provide such a feature. Finally, VoIP service usually comes with a ton of free additional features. Wireless customers have to pay for most of their extra features as do landline customers.

Common VoIP Features

New VoIP customers have access to a long line of available calling features. Common basic VoIP features include features such as caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, call blocking and 411-directory assistance. Some advanced features that a residential VoIP provider may offer are features such as phone number change, anonymous call blocking, call transfer, return call, text messaging, extra virtual numbers, international blocking and more. A consumer should research several residential VoIP providers before choosing a company. First, the person will want to create a list of the features that he or she finds attractive in a VoIP package.

Qualities to Look for in a VoIP Provider

A consumer will want to be mindful of the main qualities of a residential VoIP provider. Tenure is something that is important when a person is searching for the best VoIP provider. A positive consumer review average is another excellent quality of a VoIP provider. Consumers will always give honest opinions of their providers. Integrity is something that will come across in consumer reviews. The consumer can feel confident about a provider that has a star rating of four stars or more from consumers. Likewise, consumers should be leery of providers that have ratings that are less than three stars.

Top Five Residential VoIP Providers

Hundreds of VoIP providers are emerging every day. For that reason, a consumer may have a difficult time finding a provider. The following is a list of five top-performing VoIP providers and the reasons that consumers favor them:

Phone Power

Phone Power is a popular provider because it offers one of the lowest monthly rates of all VoIP providers. New customers can receive a monthly rate of $5.99 by prepaying for a year’s service. The company will automatically issue the consumer a second year of service free. The service includes unlimited calls to Canada and the United States and a free VoIP hardware unit. Additionally, people who sign up online can receive a free second line. Furthermore, Phone Power offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so its customers never have to worry about being unhappy.


The VOIPo provider provides its new customers with one hour of free international calling. Additionally, it offers its customers a money-back guarantee because it stands behinds its services. New VOIPo customers will have access to unlimited calls to Canada and the United States, text messaging and more than 40 additional features. Additionally, new clients will have a low monthly fee of approximately $6.21 per month.


ITP offers an interesting VoIP package with the first two months of service free. The element that is unique about ITP is that it does not ask its customers to prepay for an entire year. New customers will receive packages that have low monthly fees of approximately $8.32, and they have the option of paying for one month at a time. ITP has a four-star consumer rating, as many customers trust its services and products.


Vonage offers its customers the low monthly price of $9.99 for the first six months. The price increases after the first six months. However, Vonage has many other providers beat with the services it provides. The Vonage plan includes unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones in Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States as well as a wealth of other features. Vonage customers can receive free calls to other Vonage customers, as well. Additionally, they can call landlines in more than 60 countries and mobile phones in more than 10 countries. Some of the additional features a Vonage customer can receive are toll-free plus, add-a-line and voicemail plus. Customers who active their service online will receive free activation.


AXvoice is popular for its extremely low monthly price and its free hardware. AXvoice’s best plan has a monthly fee of only $6.25. Customers can receive features such as blacklist, simultaneous calling, call forwarding, voicemail, failover and 911 support. AXvoice has a consumer rating of 3.5 stars out of four stars.

Interested consumers can start searching for a reliable provider in the aforementioned list. Many of the top-providers have return policies so that customers can obtain relief if the services dissatisfy them. New VoIP customers will see immediate decreases in their monthly telecommunication bills.

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