GTalk Pinless VOIP Phone Call Review

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GTalk Pinless Review

Overall Rating
Sound Quality
3.0 (60.000004%)
3.0 (60.000004%)
Ease of Use
3.5 (70.0%)
2.5 (50.0%)
Customer Service
2.5 (50.0%)
2.0 (40.0%)

GTalk gives some of the cheapest VOIP calls on the web. The only problem is that there service is not of the best phone call quality. So users should be aware of that before using this service.There VOIP rates are reasonable but not the best. India is at 2.6 cent/minute, Bangladesh at 4.9 cent/minute, and UK at 1.9 cent/minute. The rates are just reasonable. More countries are provided in there Rates list. There rates cannot compare to those of Lingo or Localphone.

GTalk has some great features such as:

* SPEED dial for the numbers you call frequently (up to 99)
* HOT number direct dial to most wanted number. (up to 3)
* PINLESS dial from 6 numbers
* Multi-language support
* Recharge account using credit card
* View call records online
* 1 minute billing increment
* Complete online account administration
* 24/7 customer service support
* No connection fees
* No maintenance fees
* No expiration date
* No hidden costs

That is a great list of features. GTalk is a pinless calling card service. They provide 3 hot number direct dial, this is special and not offered with other providers.

We recommend to try GTalk because for every user their needs will be different. GTalk Pinless VOIP Phone calls might be a good provider for you, but there are better alternates like Lingo and Joiphone. But they do have services that can really help many people. So try them today and let us know how it goes.

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