GoogleVoice Free VOIP Phone Calls to Canada

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Make Free VOIP Phone Calls to Canada

Many people want to call Canada for free but are unable to do that because there current VOIP providers don’t give the free service. Well GoogleVoice can be used to get free calls to Canada. GoogleVoice is a revolutionary VOIP service for users to use. It is absolutely free and does not cost a single cent. But this service is till in beta and not open to the general public.

GoogleVoice will give people free calls and sms to many countries around the world. They are trying to be the best VOIP provider that satisfies everyone’s needs. They are going down the right path by giving the calls to Canada. It is simple to use there service. it can be used with the website callback system or can be used with a landline or cell phone. All you do is call your GoogleVoice number and then you will be prompted to enter your destination. Dial it in with country code prefix and automatically you will be connected to Canada. You may talk for as long as you like and it is completely free.

We hope that GoogleVoice will one day initiate free voip phone calls to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and more so all of us can enjoy it. As of now GoogleVoice allows calls to USA, Canada, UK, and many more. Use this service today and try to get an invite. GoogleVoice gives Free VOIP Phone Calls to Canada, try it today!

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