Future of VOIP in 2010, a New Beginning?

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What will VOIP technology be in 2010?

Good question. Well it is 2010 already. VOIP started to become the mainstream telecommunication portal in 2009 with services like Skype, Vonage, Lingo and many other services starting to show there true service. 2010 will be a better year for VOIP. Why is that you ask? Technology only grows because the need is strong. People always want better options, always want cheaper calls. The rule of society is we get what we want from the developers. Now that Google is entering the VOIP market this will open up horizons of new VOIP.

What will Google Do?

We all know Google. If they do something they do it perfectly. Google Voice was revolutionary in giving its users arrays of options. Now Google and Gizmo are teaming up to provide a VOIP service. No one knows whats the official date on the releases but it iwll be in 2010. This means war in the VOIP market. Think about it. Google is the best all around company right now. If they provide a VOIP service that is top notch with the cheapest voip calls, the services like Skype Vonage etc will have to keep up.

When competitions arises in the market, it only benefits us, the consumers. This is great for us because now we can get even better rates because of the competitors market. Most users will use Google as there VOIP service because well, they are the best. Think about Google Voice with Gizmo integration plus cheap calls, this is a moneymaker!

What will happen to the Future of VOIP?

Future is looking extremely good. Rates to many international countries are skyrocketing down. In a few years, we can probably expect less than 1 cent calls to many countries worldwide. India is one of this less than 1 cent per minute countries but many others will come into it as well. We expect to see Bangladesh, US and UK in this scenario as well. If one VOIP service is able to provide less than 1 cent/minute to a country then others will have to follow or else, only one thing to do then, out of business!

VOIP is a competitive market and in 2010 it will be one of the most competitive markets in the world. It is the telecommunication era now. Almost every person who can afford a phone has one and some have more then one. A new beginning will begin soon for VOIP. Also in the USA, many cell phone service providers are seeing the potential of incorporating VOIP in there services. They will be able to charge users for this extra service which means more money.

Mobile VOIP will open up to a whole new level as well. Mobile is growing tremendously with new phones that are capable of handling VOIP such as Google Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. The possibilities are endless for everyone. But lets just wait and see what unravels as the year goes on. The prediction is that users will save even more money then last year on the cheapest voip calls worldwide.

What are your opinions? What will happen to VOIP? Let us know. Stay tuned for the latest VOIP news.

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