Future of Mobile VoIP in 2012 – The End or Beginning?

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Mobile VoIP is just on the surface right now. Companies are developing mobile applications that can integrate VoIP calls but will it be truly worth it? We covered the Future of VoIP in 2010 in a previous post, which explained that VoIP as a whole has a bright future but does mobile VoIP? Can all consumers use mobile VoIP worldwide? If we are to think about the future of mobile VoIP, we first need to see the current issues with it.

Issues with Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP requires the use of the Internet on a mobile phone to relay calls. In the United States, the smartphone market boomed back in 2008 but according to studies, only 40% of adults actually use smartphones. The rest either do not appreciate the high cost of data plans on their phones or have absolutely no need for it. In the U.S, majority of the time you will be in a location where WiFi is available. If you are at home then you have your internet connection and then if you are at work you have internet connection their as well. Very few people actually use their smartphone data plans for actual needed situations. Most just follow the hype.

The current issues with mobile VoIP are extensive. Apart from the United States, countries like Australia and the U.K have a developed wireless network but the situation is the same over their as in the U.S. People do not have a dire need for data plans on their mobile phones. VoIP companies who are developing such systems need to take actual data into consideration before rolling out their applications.

Future of Mobile VoIP in 2012

Before Mobile VoIP can be successful, mobile Internet needs to be successful. Traditional VoIP on SIP and landlines are successful because it was reliable, easy and much cheaper than PSTN. Current cell phone providers need to lower the cost of data plans drastically before one can invest in the monthly fees. Let’s do some analysis and see the price differences.

Future of 2010 Costs

Mobile VoIP is a No No

Every provider has high mobile Internet charges. The $5.00 call rate has been added if an individual makes a 15-minute call to India everyday for 30 days at 1 cent/minute. As visible above, in every aspect you are saving immense amounts of money each month by not using mobile VoIP. If you are following hype then we recommend you think about it once more before signing up for data plans. The future of mobile VoIP seems very slim at the moment. The current companies are creating them because they believe the market will boom, which by all means it will but as soon as people understand that it is an unnecessary pleasure then they will quit. This will leave the VoIP companies in the dust.

What now?

Good question. Like the beginning of VoIP, it was always targeted for computer users and it will stay strong at that. Costs are not high when using a computer because the investment in Internet and a computer are necessary aspects of life. What we can look forward to is Skype and Microsoft plans for VoIP and what will Google and Motorola do with their new merge. Look towards the big giants in business to bring forth exciting software that will enable the best VoIP provider to come forth. As for mobile VoIP, let’s just assume it was just a dream.


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