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Advertisement Based Calling – FreePhone2Phone

Ad-based phone calls have hit the VoIP market recently and FreePhone2Phone is the next big one. This kind of calling is where the customers gets to listen to an advertisement in the beginning of the phone call and then they can call for free. This is perfect for customer because well listening to an Ad is not that big of a deal.

FreePhone2Phone is really simple to use and mostly anyone can use it. It only requires dialing the number, listening to a Ad, then entering your destination. You can make free calls worldwide with this technique. Now if your looking for long term calling, like long term calling then other services like uVOIPit might be better. But if your looking to make quick short calls lasting 10 minutes or so then these guys can help you.

Also our friends at TruVoIPBuzz have done a live interview with the Director of FreePhone2Phone, Mr. Warren Johnson who is denoted as WS and Mr. Alok Saboo (Blog Write at TruVoIPBuzz) as AS. You can read it below:

AS: For the benefit of our readers, can you please provide a brief background about yourself?

WJ: Sure, I’m an ex –investment banker and a former telecom executive.

questionAS: What was your primary motivation behind starting FreePhone2Phone?

WJ: VoIP has been a product of the “elite,” the tech savvy, and I wanted to open up the opportunity for everyone. Grandma doesn’t use Skype, but she will use Freephone2phone. Plus, you cannot pick up your phone and make free phone calls through Google Voice or Skype.

AS: As an entrepreneur, what are your expectations from FreePhone2Phone?

WJ: To become the leader of “free calling” for Americans.

AS: What is the revenue/business model behind FreePhone2Phone? For example, wholesale rates to India are around 1 cent per minute (or little less depending on the quality). So, a 10 sec call costs at least 6-7 cents.

WJ: We can play a couple of 10-second ads and can cover the costs that you’ve just outlined.

AS: Can you provide some details about the team behind FreePhone2Phone?

WJ: Our management team is in New York and our engineering team is based in Argentina. We have a staff of eight, all total.

AS: How is FreePhone2Phone performing relative to your expectations?

WJ: It’s doing much better than expected.

AS: There have been (and are) other ad-supported VoIP providers. Unfortunately, not many could survive the test of time. Why do you think the earlier ones failed, whereas FreePhone2Phone will have a strong future?

WJ: The reality is that only the US market is mature on an audio ad-basis, and we have an investor base with experience and key relationships in this arena. The economics really don’t work in other markets currently. We’re in business to play ads.

AS: Given that wholesale minutes are commodity and anyone can buy them, why do you think others will not be able to imitate your business model?

WJ: The key component is having a knowledge of and presence in the US ad universe. This is what distinguishes us.

AS: Are you planning to expand services to other countries (both initiation and termination)? Any timelines?

WJ: For the foreseeable future, we will concentrate on providing service for US residents. There is so much ground to cover here.

AS: Where do you see FreePhone2Phone in the next few years?

WJ: We will introduce other free services that you can access by phone. “Free phone calls” is a good way to get users on our network.

AS: Are you looking for collaborations, acquisitions, or partnerships with other companies in this space?

WJ: Currently, no. We’re well-funded and want to concentrate on executing our business plan.

AS: Now for something generic, what are some of the major trends that are affecting the VoIP space? How do you see the industry evolve in the near future?

WJ: I think VoIP will cease to be a ‘buzz” word. It’s just a valuable tool that any responsible telecom concern will use to maximize cost and network efficiency.

AS: Do you have other comments or thoughts that you would like to share with the readers?

WJ: Thank you for understanding that our service is only available for US residents. We hope you will let your friends in the States about our offer so that they can call you if you are located in one of the countries that we cover.

As you can see, FreePhone2Phone is very confident and ready to take on this challenge. They want Americans to make free calls. This is what VoIP should be, Free Calling. We give FreePhone2Phone a congrats for there efforts.

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