Free VOIP Phone Calls to Bangladesh

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How to get Free VOIP Phone Calls to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a important VOIP country. Many people want free unlimited phone calls to Bangladesh. Bangladesh government recently has allowed VOIP licenses to providers. This allows for cheap calls to be given by these providers. There has been a trend of lower rates to Bangladesh for about 3 months now. Some services provide free minutes to Bangladesh, lets see some of these VOIP services.

Yupeephone – 120 Free Minutes

Yupeephone gives 120 free minutes every month to Bangladesh. This is 2 hours of free talk time. No other provider gives free minutes like this at that amount. Yupeephone can be used by phone to phone or PC to phone. They are a top VOIP provider in the USA and because of the SIP settings there service can be used from any country in the world. Apart from free minutes, there original rate to Bangladesh is at 3.06 cents/minute. This is the cheapest rate as of now. Some small issues with this service is that sometimes there voice quality is very bad and unhearable. Other than that if you want the cheapest voip calls to Bangladesh then Yupeephone is a must.

Rynga Betamax Provider

A Betamax Service provider is give free voip phone calls to Bangladesh. This is for a limited time until they see the huge number of people calling Bangladesh. So take advantage of this service until it lasts. There service can be used from a computer or phone. This allows calls from any country in the world to Bangladesh.

Rebtel – 10 Minutes Free

Rebtel is one of the top VOIP providers in the world. They provide 10 minutes free to sign up and trial there services. This is a good offer and it is completely free. There original rate to Bangladesh is 3.15 cents per minute with excellent voice quality and service. They provide superior phone calls and cheap calls worldwide. Rebtel should be tried as well.

Boss Revolution – $1 Free Credit

Another USA provider, Boss Revolution gives $1 free credit for signing up to call any country in the world. This can be used to make free voip phone calls to Bangladesh or any other country as you choose. The only issue is that there service is only for USA and cannot be used anywhere else. There normal rate to Bangladesh is 3.5 cents/minute. Try them as well.

Overall, there are not many free providers to Bangladesh but many of these can be used to get free minutes and then using another service that gives the cheapest voip calls to Bangladesh to make your phone calls. These providers are the best in the world and there service has made many customers happy. Try them today to make calls to Bangladesh.

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