Free VOIP Phone Calls on Thanksgiving by Truphone

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Make Free VOIP calls to USA on Thanksgiving

The festive season around for many religions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid and more. During these times VOIP services like to give free voip phone calls or there cheapest VOIP calls possible. This attracts many new users to join and they benefit and we benefit. This Thanksgiving, people around the world can call USA for free. Truphone is a VOIP service that is providing this great deal.

On Thursday, November 26th 2009 from midday to midnight this deal will be activated. The offer is only valid for 12 hours and during this time calls can be made to any mobile or landline in the US. To make these the calls, you will need to download there Truphone application located on there website. After that it is simple, just dial the number and you will be connected for free.

You are allowed to make unlimited calls during that time interval. You can make as many calls as needed and it is open to new and existing Truphone customers. This is a great offer but these free voip phone calls offers have just begun. Keep reading for more great offers that will be rolling out in the next few weeks. But for now make free calls to USA with Truphone.

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