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Call Pakistan for Free

Pakistan is now a free VOIP phone call country. Pakistan was one of the most expensive countries to call a few months ago. But now Rebtel is giving free calls to Pakistan. Rebtel’s SmartCall feature is allowing this to occur. SmartCall is a feature that is unique only to Rebtel. They are becoming the #1 VOIP service by giving these awesome deals.

What is Rebtel SmartCall

Good question. SmartCall is a unique service where both callers pay local calls. This way the international portion of the phone call is not charge and is free. So if you want to call someone in Pakistan then they will have to incur local calling charges. This way the entire phone call is free. So if your family or friend is willing to pay a local charge then you can make free voip phone calls to Pakistan. Initiating a SmartCall is simple, follow these steps:

  • Call the Rebtel number to reach your friend or family.
  • Rebtel will prompt you and let you know that this call can be free.
  • After your destination picks up, tell them to hang up and call the number that appeared on there CallerID.
  • Do not disconnect your phone, stay on the line.
  • After your destination calls the number, you will both be reconnected to have a free conservation.

Free VOIP Phone Calls to Pakistan

That is it, it is that easy to make it a free call. Rebtel is providing services that no others have. They are slowing adding more and more countries into the list of SmartCall. There are over 70 countries now and hopefully more countries like ndia, Bangladesh, and others will join in. Rebtel is a top VOIP provider that is recommend. Try them today and make free phone calls to Pakistan with Rebtel.

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