Free International Calls with Twitter

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Make Free Calls with Twitter

Twit2Tel is a new Twitter service that allows users to make free phone calls to anyone. This is a great service and very easy to use. This free international calling offer is given by . You can sign in Twit2tel with your twitter account. Just link your phone number with your twitter account. Now ask the person you want to call to do the same. Twit2tel will assign you a number, in which you can receive voice calls, also enabling you to talk for free.

When you want to make free calls, just make a tweet like “@twit2tel call”, or visit and enter twitter username of person you wish to call. Twit2tel will call you first and then connect you to your destination. This is like a call back service so your phone will incur incoming minutes.

The sad part is that each call is limited to only 4 minutes, but you can make any number of calls (even to same number) thus making it unlimited free international calls.

The good part is that around 200 countries are included, which includes India, USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Australia. Bangladesh is not included in this offer. This is a free service and therefore there will be problems with it. please try and give us your experience.

If your looking for a all around VOIP service then we recommend uVOIPit.

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