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Conference calling is important for families and businesses. With the release of VoIP and other services such as Skype, conference calling has become simpler than the past. A few years ago, one on one calling was difficult to manage at cheap prices. Now one can do a conference call in a matter of minutes and pay practically nothing.

ConfCall is a service that allows customers to make free conference calls. Conference calling is tradionally different than normal calls. Conference call entails that 3 or more users are connected together and can hear each other speak. The unique aspect of ConfCall is that they do charge absolutely nothing for using their service but also they claim that it works in Middle Eastern countries.

Majority of middle east countries do not allow VoIP so this claim can help hundreds of thousands of people make phone calls. The idea is simple on how to make these type of calls. For example, if one caller is in India, another in the US, and another in London then they each respectively call their own local numbers and enter the pin for the room. The system will automatically connect them to the destination.

ConfCall is great for all types of people who just want to talk to all of their family members at once. We have not tested the service so please let us know how the quality is and if any issues occur. You can visit them at

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